Crockett Webb and Van, WV Jr. O.U.A.M. Webb family photo
Sue Bodishbaugh

Crockett Webb and Van, WV Jr. O.U.A.M.

Council No. 28, ["God Save America" on crest], Jr. O.U.A.M., Van, West Virginia, is on the lapel badges and banner held. 15 men with identical hats and lapel badges, most have identical belt buckles, all similarly clothed in what appears to be uniform, stand by railroad tracks before building. Signon building illegible. Van, Boone Co, WV. ... show more

The Mystery

Please help i.d. organization and people in photo. Grandfather Jesse CROCKETT Webb is center-front row (4th from left). With photo grouping is grandpa's original badge seen worn on left jacket lapels. 2-sided ribbon: one blue, one black; reads: "In Memoriam, Van, Council No. 28, God Save America, Jr. O.U.A.M., Van, West Virginia." Crockett Webb was sheriff, JP, notary for Boone Co, WV for 8 years. Always lived in Gordon but had an office in Van.

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Photo taken at Van Boone County, West Virginia on
Crockett Webb and Van, WV Jr. O.U.A.M.

Crockett Webb

Born: Jun 17, 1891
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Crockett Webb at 24 years old