Military & Sports Uniforms

Updated: February 26, 2024
Who doesn't love a man (or woman) in uniform? Almost everybody has worn a uniform sometime in their life - these are the vintage versions of those uniforms.

Uniforms are worn by many kinds of people - children and adults - in all kinds of organizations. Police, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, the military, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, sports teams, prisoners, school bands, some workplaces . . . even some schoolchildren are required to wear uniforms. In businesses, identical dress is often about branding. In first responders, a uniform is about identifying who is there to provide assistance and often to protect the responder him or herself. For medical personnel, a uniform is protection and guarantees cleanliness. Soldiers' uniforms allow them to easily identify a member of their own and often provide camouflage. A sports team is much like a group of soldiers - a uniform quickly allows them to see a teammate and of course, especially in contact sports like football, provides protection. Prisoners and guards wear different uniforms for obvious reasons - prisoners can't "blend" with guards when they are wearing a colored jumpsuit! And even for schoolchildren, a uniform can be a boon - for parents and children. A uniform is cheaper for a parent than fad clothing and eliminates arguments about what to wear every day. For children, a uniform levels the playing field - "popular kids" aren't those who can afford better clothing.

Almost everyone wears a uniform at some time in their lives - either as a child (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school) or an adult (sports, job, or military service). No matter what your opinion about uniforms, these vintage photos of other people wearing a uniform are fun to see.
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