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Who doesn't love a man (or woman) in uniform? Almost everybody has worn a uniform sometime in their life - these are the vintage versions of those uniforms. Read more >>

Uniforms are worn by many kinds of people - children and adults - in all kinds of organizations. Police, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, the military, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, sports teams, prisoners, school bands, some workplaces . . . even some schoolchildren are required to wear uniforms. In businesses, identical dress is often about branding. In first responders, a uniform is about identifying who is there to provide assistance and often to protect the responder him or herself. For medical personnel, a uniform is protection and guarantees cleanliness. Soldiers' uniforms allow them to easily identify a member of their own and often provide camouflage. A sports team is much like a group of soldiers - a uniform quickly allows them to see a teammate and of course, especially in contact sports like football, provides protection. Prisoners and guards wear different uniforms for obvious reasons - prisoners can't "blend" with guards when they are wearing a colored jumpsuit! And even for schoolchildren, a uniform can be a boon - for parents and children. A uniform is cheaper for a parent than fad clothing and eliminates arguments about what to wear every day. For children, a uniform levels the playing field - "popular kids" aren't those who can afford better clothing.

Almost everyone wears a uniform at some time in their lives - either as a child (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school) or an adult (sports, job, or military service). No matter what your opinion about uniforms, these vintage photos of other people wearing a uniform are fun to see. << Read less
A photo of Colonel William Crooks
People in this photo:
William Crooks, Jr.
Jun 20, 1832 - Dec 17, 1907
A photo of Edwin Francis & Dawn Leone on Veteran's Day
People in this photo:
Edwin Francis Leone
Nov 3, 1931 - around Jan 11, 2009
indiana, pa, us
Shared on Feb 15, 2016 by:
A photo of Charles Parsley in the military during WWI. He was the son of Pleasant "Lee" and Margaret (Ray) Parsley. He was born on November 15, 1894 and died in 1963 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He married Ruth Bowling. His family lived in Harlan County, Ky and Laurel County, Ky.
People in this photo:
Charles Parsley
Nov 15, 1894 - 1963
A photo of Horace Lucas and his high school football team in John Day, Grant, Oregon in the 1920s.
People in this photo:
A photo of Pierre-Paul Guieysse, (May 11, 1841 – May 19, 1914) who was a French Socialist politician. He was Minister of the Colonies in the French Cabinet headed by Léon Bourgeois between 1895 and 1896. Polytechnician costume. He was born in Lorient, Brittany, of a Protestant family. He trained as a hydrographic engineer, working for the navy, but developed scholarly and political interests, becoming a specialist in Egyptology (he worked on the book of the Egyptian dead) and being active in leftist politics. In May 1900 he co-founded the newspaper "La Dépêche de Lorient". He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as a Radical and Republican Deputy for Morbihan (Brittany, France) between 1890 and 1910. He was active in the debate over the 1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and the State, to which he proposed an amendment.[1] He was also active in the promotion of legislation to make pension contributions compulsory. From November 1895 to April 1896 he was Minister of Colonies, in the Bourgeois government.
People in this photo:
Pierre Paul Guieysse
May 11, 1841 - May 19, 1914
A photo of a group of unknown women - Front of "unknown 300"
Shared on Dec 27, 2015 by:
This is a photo of a group of the female guards at Oak Ridge, TN during WWII, part of the Manhattan Project. My grandmother Frances McClain is 2nd from the left in the center row.
People in this photo:
A photo of Ned Nussrallah (2nd from right).
People in this photo:
Ned Nussrallah
Feb 13, 1896 - Jul 13, 1959
Unknown family photo - no date, place or names. This one is a tintype photo. One of these men might be the name of Bettis.
A photo of Edward Peter Aune
People in this photo:
Edward Peter Aune
May 11, 1914 - Oct 26, 2004
salinas, ca, us
A photo of Seymour B. Pierce (1901-1983), taken about 1915 from a post card. Born 25 Mar 1901 son of Mial David Pierce and Katherine B Town(e) in Rutland, VT, and died Aug 1983 in Syracuse, NY. On the back is written: Cadet S. Pierce Porter Military Episcopal Academy Charleston S. C. Seymour Pierce Kate's son He served in the US Navy.
People in this photo:
Seymour B. Pierce
Mar 25, 1901 - August 1983
A photo of a Girl Scout troop in 1920
Casey "Audress" Dunn was an active boy scout while growing up in the Pasadena, LA county, CA area. Audress as he was called by his parents, b. Mar 25, 1920 in Mounds, IL and d. May 7, 1942 in the Coral Sea. He was serving his country on the USS Neosho during the Pearl Harbor attacks.
People in this photo:
Casey "Audress" Dunn
Born: Mar 20, 1920
Shared on Mar 8, 2008 by:
A photo of Otto Baumgartner in his train conductor uniform which he wore conducting a Swiss passenger train through the Swiss alps
People in this photo:
Otto Baumgartner
Jan 16, 1898 - July 1977
San Francisco, California
A photo of Ray Fortner
People in this photo:
Ray Fortner
Jun 2, 1902 - Jul 5, 1979
Vincennes, Indiana
A photo of my father, Brian R Jacobson
People in this photo:
Brian R Jacobson
Jun 15, 1938 - Dec 8, 2009
Mesa, Arizona
Photo rescued from Garage Sale Warehouse in Beaverton, Oregon; September 2018. Photo by Atelier Promenade form Copenhagen, Denmark. Taken approximately 1907-1920. More pictures from this photographer at: https://www.fotohistorie.com/atelier-promenade-kbh.html
A photo of Albert A. Shaw, my fathe,r in his Boy Scout uniform.
People in this photo:
A photo of Mary E Tomich
People in this photo:
Mary E Tomich
Jun 29, 1916 - Sep 17, 1993
Chesterland, OH
A photo of Eileen E Uminski
People in this photo:
Eileen E (Murphy) Uminski
Jul 25, 1924 - Oct 18, 2004
West Melbourne, FL, USA
A photo of Francis Ernest Nunweek
People in this photo:
Francis Ernest Nunweek
1898 - 1973
Heidelberg, Australia
A photo of Cornelius Welling
People in this photo:
Cornelius Welling
Jun 29, 1902 - June 1985
Ambridge, PA
A photo of Dane Mileusnich - brother to mother Danilo Miric - left, of Dane Mileusnich
People in this photo:
Dane Mileusnich
Aug 18, 1896 - February 1968
East Chicago, Indiana
A photo of Anthony Costanza and his brother Achille (Kelly) Costanza.
People in this photo:
Anthony Costanza
Jan 19, 1905 - Jul 22, 1963
Long Beach, CA, United States
A photo of Lyster Melwyn Jackson with his two brothers, Harry and Dave on the occasion of Dave's enlistment in 1919
People in this photo:
Lyster Melwyn Jackson
Aug 15, 1903 - Jan 2, 1984
Ballarat, VIC, Australia
A photo of William Ewing on April 1940, Langley Field VA A James A Fazzi Sr Picture
People in this photo:
A photo of Herman Eaton Norfleet
People in this photo:
Herman Eaton Norfleet
Feb 28, 1923 - Feb 6, 1997
Carlsbad, NM
A photo of Richard Salazar Jr.
People in this photo:
Richard Salazar Jr.
Born: Jun 15, 1943
A photo of Evelyn Hayes in the late 1940s. She was a Navy Wave, recruiter, and nurse.Taken prior to her marriage to Doyle Willard Whitehurst.
A photo of Josef Fenrich De Gjurgjenovac
People in this photo:
Josef Fenrich De Gjurgjenovac
1891 - 1970
Đurđenovac, Osječko-baranjska županija, Croatia
A photo of Irene M Fuschi-Maki
People in this photo:
Irene Mary Fuschi-Maki
Nov 18, 1922 - Mar 29, 1993
Torrance, CA
A photo of John F. Neusbaum. He was the brother of my grandmother (Nettie Neusbaum Mort). He served in WW1 as chief petty officer on the USS Roanoke. Born 06/14/1890 in Fannettsburg, PA and died 10/16/1954 in Los Angeles, CA,
People in this photo:
John F. Neusbaum
Jun 14, 1890 - Oct 16, 1954
A photo of Franklyn Leland Bettinger and Mary Lou Bettinger
People in this photo:
Franklyn Leland Bettinger
Jan 23, 1900 - May 9, 1982
A photo of Harold Ramsay Cazneaux
People in this photo:
Harold Ramsay Cazneaux
Mar 13, 1920 - Sep 14, 1941
A photo of Desmond Doss and his wife, Dorothy, who married in 1942. They had one son, Desmond T. Doss, Jr.
People in this photo:
Desmond Thomas Doss
Feb 7, 1919 - Mar 23, 2006
Piedmont, AL
A photo of my uncle, John Lynn Mort, posed with his sister, Helen, right before he left to sail for France, where he died of pneumonia. An American Legion post in Elsinore, CA is named for him. He was working in CA when he was drafted or enlisted.
People in this photo:
A photo of Jesse J Antuna
People in this photo:
Jesse J Antuna
Born: around 1927
SD, United States
A photo of Lawrence Mullaney
People in this photo:
Lawrence Mullaney
around 1890 - Apr 26, 1917
A photo of Robert O. Black, Sr.
People in this photo:
Robert O. Black, Sr.
Aug 30, 1890 - Jan 7, 1970
A photo of Carl Berrens and Norma (Davis) Berrens.
People in this photo:
Born Sept. 18, 1874 Schömberg, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Died Oct. 4, 1908
People in this photo:
Maximilian Faulhaber
Sep 18, 1874 - Oct 4, 1908
A photo of Leslie James Scott
People in this photo:
Leslie James Scott
around 1893 - Oct 3, 1917
A photo of Dominic James Carlini
People in this photo:
Dominic James Carlini
Aug 29, 1924 - Oct 10, 1997
California City, CA
This photo was found in my father's old barn, with no identifying information other than that the man pictured was the great-uncle of my grandfather, William Harwood, and that he was the captain of a ship. Family rumor has it that my grandfather's grandmother, Sarah Beason, had a brother, a ship's captain, who was lost at sea. The family reportedly came from Gloucestershire, England. I am hoping someone might recognize this photo and help me with this man's identity.
A photo of William G Doser
People in this photo:
William G Doser
Mar 28, 1920 - Mar 1, 1998
Oswego, IL
A photo of Colonel William Crooks
People in this photo:
William Crooks, Jr.
Jun 20, 1832 - Dec 17, 1907
A photo of a group of NCO's & their Officer. , Leonard Skidmore Stevenson (Front right) possibly RAF Cranwell. Royal Air Force
People in this photo:
My brother, Walter Niles, playing the guitar
People in this photo:
A photo of John Wilbur St. Clair
People in this photo:
John Wilbur St. Clair
Jan 22, 1923 - Jul 25, 1944
A photograph of Paul Andrew Branic
People in this photo:
Paul Andrew Branic
May 24, 1920 - Mar 3, 2004
A photograph of Paul Andrew Branic
People in this photo:
Paul Andrew Branic
May 24, 1920 - Mar 3, 2004
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