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Dockery Jordon Marrs, son of Mulkey Watts Marrs, was born 4 May 1856 in Kentucky. Although Dock and Barthena are listed as born in Webster Co., Kentucky, they had to be born in an associated county. Webster Co., Kentucky wasn't formed until 1860 from Henderson Co., Hopkins Co., and Union Co.

He married Cynthia Barthena McClaire Price on 30 Oct 1873 at her fathers' house (James H. Price) in Dixon Springs, Webster Co., Kentucky.

Dock died 21 Jan 1939 in Christopher, Franklin Co., Illinois and is buried in Masonic and Oddfellows Cemetery, Benton, Franklin Co., Illinois.

Dock repaired pit cars for the coal mines. His house was built by miners, then paid for out of his paycheck.

No matter how white his hair got as the years went by, his mustache remained dark. Shoe polish?

He had a large grape arbor on his property, and his prized rosebush was the site of many of the photographs taken of the Marrs families. Dock even installed a seat among the branches to better accommodate the perfect pose.

Grand-daughter, Emma Gulley relates this story: Dock would take Emma out to the garden and hide while Sis (Cynthia) called for Dock to come in. He would tell Emma to ignore her cause she just wanted them to shell beans or shuck corn. Finally Sis would tell Dock "I know you're deaf but Emma's not, so get in here." So then they would have to go back to the house.
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