Donnie Beatrice and Ola Pickett

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Sisters, Donnie Beatrice (left)(1897-1993) and Ola Pickett (1892-1913), daughters of Mary Ann 'Annie' Graham and 1. Thos. Jefferson Pickett, Jr.; granddaughters of Jasper Newton Graham and Mary Angelina 'Molly' McWilliams. Taken on Donnie's wedding day to 1. Jack Wise. Ola married John Lewis in 1912. Donnie and Ola were the great-granddaughters of John Graham and Elizabeth Langley and great-great-granddaughters of James W. Langley and Judith Mattox (Maddox) of Ouachita Co., Arkansas.
in Danville, Bienville Parish, Louisiana USA


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