Dr. Vaughn Elbert English Lafferty

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Dr Vaughn Elbert English Lafferty was from Arkansas. His parents were John McCaleb Lafferty and Nancy Minverva Hairston of Arkansas. He attended Hendrix College at Caden, Arkansas. He practice medicine for 55 years at Bogalusa Medical Center (Louisiana). He was one of the founding fathers of the hospital. He married 5 May 1912 in Washington Parish, Louisiana to Ethel Wilcox and they had one daughter 7 June 1922 Ruby Lafferty (died 23 Sept 1987 Humbolt Co., California) Ruby married Mel Williams of Bogalusa and they had one daughter Ethel Lisa Williams in 1960. Mel William was born 12 Sep 1920 and died died in Sacramento in 11 March 1995 at the age of 74 years.

Dr. E. E. Lafferty was well liked and well spoken of by those that worked with him. There are those who remember him well.

Dr E. E. Lafferty's grandparents were Vaughn Burr Lafferty and Eritha McCaleb and James Harriston and Mary Vaughn of Arkansas. His great grand parents were John Lindsey Lafferty who was a Judge and State Senator in Arkansas and Lucinda Bagley (daughter of Asher Bagley who fought in the Revolution) and John McCaleb and ________Hutchenson (daughter of Joseph Hutchenson). His great great grandfather was John Lafferty of Ireland who was an early Arkansas Settler and fought in the Revolution in South Carolina and later in the Battle of New Orelans and Sarah Lindsey of pure Scots blood (daughter of Isaac Lindsey who also fought in the revolution ).
at Bogalusa Louisiana Medical Center, Bogalusa, Louisiana


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