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A photo of the Earle Howard family. Taken late 1930's Colby,Thomas,KS
/Photographer-Robbins Colby,KS
/Earle Jay Howard born 29 Jul 1885 Sterling,Johnson,NE died 21 Jan 1955 buried 23 Jan 1955 Beulah Cemetery Colby,Thomas,KS-son of Charles Fred Howard(1858-1917) & Alice W. Reed(1860-1909)
/Victor C. Howard born 26 Nov 1912 Halford,Thomas,KS died 6 Dec 1991 Colby,Thomas,KS buried Beulah Cemetery Colby,Thomas,KS-husband of Grace Biggs
/Minnie Pearl Ache born 11 Aug 1890 Atchison,Atchison,KS died 1 Oct 1990 Colby,Thomas,KS buried Beulah Cemetery Colby,Thomas,KS-daughter of James R. Ache(1849-1915) & Leanna C. Sloyer(1850-1915)
/Twila Pearl Howard born 2 Aug 1914 Halford,Thomas,KS died 20 Jan 2006 Colby,Thomas,KS buried 23 Jan 2006 Beulah Cemetery Colby,Thomas,KS-wife of Cyril Hazel Saddler(1913-2006)
in USA


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