Edward Alexander McBride - Lydia Ada Allison

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Edward Alexander McBride B: 9-17-1870 D: 3-6-1952 (1st of 2/son of Samuel J. McBride - Mary Diadema Cotton) / Married: 12-25-1895 Lydia Ada Allison B: 10-10-1873 D: 3-27-1933 (2nd of 6/daughter of Andrew Allison Sr - Susan E. McFarland) / They had 1 son - Ralph Allison McBride / Ed worked at Slippery Rock College and Ada was the homemaker. They lived and died in Slippery Rock, Butler Co., Pa. They are both buried at the Slippery Rock Cemetery, Slippery Rock, Butler Co., Pa. / (genealogy website - [external link])
at Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pennsylvania USA


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