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This picture is of my maternal great-grandparents and their children. Edward Isaac Brownlow was married twice. This picture is of his second wife, Elizabeth Elvira Skipper Brownlow, their children and 2 children from his first marriage.

From left to right back row:

Euna Blanche Brownlow,
Irene Brownlow,
Gertrude Brownlow Skipper(she married Elizabeth Brownlow's brother, Wes),
John Minton "Mitt" Brownlow,
Elizabeth Eliva Skipper Brownlow,
Edward Isaac Brownlow,
Mairl Vivien Brownlow,
Erskin Ray Brownlow,
Guy Edward Brownlow,
Oscar Lawrence Brownlow,
Alvis Ruth Brownlow,
Willie Jessamine Brownlow,
Emory Vinson "Jack" Brownlow (Baptist minister),

Edward Isaac Brownlow had a total of 24 children, offspring from 2 wives. Not all lived to adulthood.

He was from Giles County Tennessee originally and located to Eldorado, Jackson County, OK with his second wife.

He and his wife are buried in Antioch Cemetery, Jackson County, Oklahoma.
in Eldorado, Jackson County, Oklahoma


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