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b. 1/18/1863 d.3/8/1934
Son of John C Magee and Mariette Patchin. Married Mary Morris Wilson 1/10/1901
Recollections from his daughter:
Recollections from Luella Magee:

“Edward M Magee was a prominent landowner in Livingston county. He owned and farmed about 1,000 acres. Evening dinners in the Magee household were rather formal and included white linens and sterling silver napkin rings at each place setting.
In the 1920s He was elected as a representative to the NY Assembly. He was knows as a “black” republican-a strict advocate of conservative views socially and economically as was his brother, Walter.
When Luella Magee married George Linton, Edward disowned her because the Lintons were an impoverished family and Democrats. This was considered by Edward Magee to be a mixed marriage.
at Groveland, Groveland, NY USA


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