Edwin Claude Hicks, Paulding Co Ga highest decorated WWII Soldier

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Turning an enemy rifle against charging Nazis after his own weapon jammed, private Edward Claude Hicks , Rt 2, Rockmart GA, parachute infantryman fought off a score 0f Germans as part of the action that won him the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army's second highest award for extraordinary valor."
The above is a portion of an article which appeared in the June 11, 1944 edition of the Atlanta Constitution. The Rockmart Chutist they were writing about was Edwin Claude Hicks.
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Joy Howard more of article:
World War II Soldier.The following is an account
of the action for which the DSC was awarded "On". the night of March 15, 1944, private Hicks participated in an attack on an
ememy-held house northwest of Carano, Italy. After his unit had been relieved he voluntarily remained behind during a heavy artillary barrage to protect his squad leader, who was aiding in installation of a Browning automatic rifle position.

While the BAR position was being installed, 20 Germans launched a counter-attack from their front 130 yards away. The Germans surged directly toward the house over flat, moonlit terrain.

Hicks fired his M-1 rifle until it jammed. He then picked up an enemy rifle, which he had earmarked for emergency use, and continued to fire at the Nazis, now close enough to throw hand grenades into the house and completely surrounding it.

By continiuous fire private Hicks and the two other men succeeded in disrupting the attack and in Killing off the enemy, after taking two prisoners.
When it was decided to withdraw to the rear Private Hicks was carring a hand grenade with the pin pulled which he threw over a bank. He heard a noise and upon investigation he found a slightly wounded enemy trying to crawl away.
Private Hicks crawled up under the artillery and small arms fire and grasping the German by the legs,pulled him into the ditch and brought him back prisioner. On one other occasion before reachig the rear
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