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Wedding photo of Eliza Maple Hornbacker. She was born July 30, 1832 Guernsey Co, Ohio and was the twin to Isaac Maple Jr. Her parents were Isaac Maple (1804-1884)and Mary "Polly" Jones Maple. In 1832/3 when the twins were 6 months old they removed from Ohio to Hollis Township, Peoria Co, IL by wagon. The family was part of a larger extended family (Maples, Fullers, Jones, and others)that made the move together. Eliza married Joseph Hornbacker (sometimes spelled Hornbacher or Hornbaker)in 1850 Peoria Co, IL. Her father gave them land and her brothers built them a homestead. It was still standing outside Mapleton as of 1990. In 1900, Jos. and Eliza moved to Peoria, where he passed, and she lived with her son, Isaac Maple Hornbacker,Esq. (1854-194_) until her passing in 1916. She was a very kind woman and took care of the sick (even those with TB, who others would not). Slept in large down rope bed, made flapjacks for grandchildren (would rise overnight) and always wore a bonnet with a big bow under chin to church. Attended La Marsh Baptist (Mapleton) and 1st Baptist Church of Peoria. Her children were: Mary Maple Hornbaker(1851-1852), Isaac Maple Hornba(c)ker (1854-194_), John David Hornbacker (1859-1941), Lucinda "Tinnie" Hornbacker Haight (1862-1909), Albert Joseph Hornbacker (1866-195_)and Emma(1867-1871).
at Mapleton, Mapleton, Peoria, IL USA


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