English Matron wearing hat Vallis family photo
LeAnn Vallis Fekjan

English Matron wearing hat

Photo of an English matron from 1800's. Studio photo. Gown made of wonderfully draped fabric.

The Mystery

A mystery relation! Have you seen this woman in your family photo albums? Any advice on narrowing the date of the photograph? Our English ancestral surnames include: VALLIS, PALMER, PICKERING, HEDGES, TAYLOR and CUTLER.
This photo was a treasured keepsake of my great-grandmother, Louisa Ann PALMER VALLIS,born 1858, originally from Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. In 1887, Louisa married John Vallis from Middlesex/Poplar-Millwall. They married in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Both had relatives who remained in England.

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