Ernie Triscik, Gilbert Alvord, and Doyle Medus 1955 WY

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My Dad, Ernie Triscik, with his buddies, Gilbert Alvord, and Doyle Medus, cooking the fish they caught on the Snake River near Afton, Wyoming. Gil, in the middle, was the foster son of Edgar Apperson. Edgar was a friend of my Dad’s and was always reminiscing about his early years and the invention of the Apperson Jack Rabbit. At age 24, Edgar, his brother Elmer,and Elwood Haynes, put a gasoline powered marine engine onto a buggy and invented one of the world’s first “horseless carriages.” The Haynes-Apperson Company was opened in Kokomo, Indiana on May 24, 1898 when they decided they could sell these cars to the public. The first year the small company sold nearly a dozen automobiles. In 1901, the Apperson brothers decided to move in a new direction with their own company, the Apperson Brothers Automobile Company. The most successful model was the Apperson Jack Rabbit cars, developed in 1908.
at Snake River, Afton, Wyoming USA


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