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This is Estella Florence ne'Boyd Lund, wife of Elmer James Lund the son of Pete and Alida Lund. She was the daughter of John H. Boyd b. 1 Nov 1869 and his wife Myrtle Imogene Sturtevant. Estella and Elmer had three children: Jeannene Joy b.1933 in South Dakota - d. 1985 in Texas, Patricia [living], and Elmer Jr. [living]. Estella was born on 8 March 1905 at Tulare, South Dakota. She married on 31 May 1930 to Elmer Lund. When their youngest child was about 2 and their oldes child about 7, she died, on 11 Dec 1940 in a tragic auto collision in Los Angeles, California while on a trip to see relatives during the holidays. She is buried in Tulare, South Dakota. Her husband later remarried. Her surviving daughter loaned this photograph to the family archive so a negative could be made.


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