Fabergé Eggs - Peter Carl Fabergé

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A photo of Peter Carl Fabergé at work creating one of his masterful Fabergé eggs during the early 1900's.

Peter Carl Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, was born in Saint Petersburg May 1846 to a Russian jeweler whose business he'd eventually inherit. Peter flourished as a jeweler and his artwork was described by the Tsar of Russia as an example of superb Russian craftsmanship. Peter would lead his jewelry empire to greatness, earning the House of Fabergé the title of ‘Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown’.

The House of Fabergé grew to a commercial powerhouse, creating thousands of art-jewelry. The creation of the famous Fabergé Eggs is in thanks to multiple Tsar's who asked Peter to create decorate eggs ( Fabergé Eggs ) for their spouses, each containing surprises.

This, among many other accomplishments earned Peter Carl Fabergé the highest of all French awards, 'Knight of the Legion of Honour'.

Due to Russian revolution, Peter was forced to leave his corporation and his homeland. He died shortly after on September 24th, 1920.
at Shop of Faberge, Moscow Russian Federation


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