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This photo is of four Generations; Left to right in the photo. Anna Jennettie Pearl Yount Vallance, born 2 August 1883 in Polk County, Missouri and died 24 April 1967 in Memphis, Hall County, Texas. She was the widow of Henry Green Vallance of Plaska, Hall Co., Texas.Pearl is buried in the Old Fairview Cemetery, Memphis, Hall County Texas. Sitting is Laura Alice Needham Yount, born 25 November 1863 in Polk County Missouri and died 19 March 1950 in Childress, Childress Co., Texas. Laura was widow of Peter B. Yount and the mother of Anna Jennettie Pearl Yount Vallance. Laura is buried in the Kirkland Cemetery, Childress Co., Texas. Standing is Alvin Russell Vallance, born 3 February 1911 in Plaska, Hall County Texas and died 13 February 1974 in Cleveland County, near Rison, Arkansas. Alvin is the son of Anna Pearl Jennettie Yount Vallance. Alvin is buried in the Greewood Cemetery, Rison, Cleveland County Arkansas.Standing in front of Alvin is Henry Lee Vallance, born 21 November 1935 in Plaska, Hall Co., Texas. He is the son of Alvin Russell Vallance and Jewel Vivian Medford. Henry is a Great Great Grandson to Zachariah Hardin Medford.


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