Frank Herbert & Dino De Laurentiis - Dune Herbert family photo
Daniel Pinna

Frank Herbert & Dino De Laurentiis - Dune

Frank Herbert, author of the science fiction series Dune, along with Dino De Laurentiis, the Italian film producer who brought Dune to the cinemas in 1984.

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Frank Herbert's Dune was the first science fiction novel I read, and remains one of my favorite sci-fi books. I actually got through the first few books of the Dune series and ended at Children of Dune, which I think was after Dune Messiah.

Anyway, I particularly love this photo because the 1984 version of Dune (the movie) remains by far one of my favorite films. I know David Lynch had a problem directing this Dune movie, and Dino De Laurentiis said producing Dune forever impacted his future decisions as a producer, but I think the music + story = awesome.
Oct 21, 2011 10:30 pm reply
Photo taken at Churubusco Studios Mexico City, Mexico on
Frank Herbert & Dino De Laurentiis - Dune

Frank Herbert

Born: Oct 8, 1920
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Frank Herbert at 63 years old  ·  Agostino Dino De Laurentiis at 64 years old