Garrison School 1958-59 4th Grade, named Morris family photo
Natalia Unknown

Garrison School 1958-59 4th Grade, named

This is a class from Garrison School, 1959-1959. The teacher is Miss Kinkaid. Please see the other photos I've posted with the same teacher at the same school, different years (look under special collections, School Days). This one is id.ed as 4th grade. I have posted all the names below, starting with front row left to right, then middle row, then back row. I have also listed 2 children who were absent on photo day, as they might help to i.d. the school. They are at the end of the list. This photo was part of a lot of photos received from a person in Kansas, who got them from another person who collected them from numerous estate sales throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.

I did a web search for a Garrison School in Kansas or Oklahoma and there seem to be several. I have written to one. There are also others across the US and Canada. I can't guarantee which one it might be. If anyone can tell me, I would be delighted. I hope the names will give a clue to someone. Also, it may be in the same district or county as a “Cleaveland School” which is mentioned on one of the class photos.
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Garrison School 1958-59 4th Grade, named

Shirley Butler

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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