George Clinton Ward in Arkwright, NY

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The back of this photo has "G. C. Ward, Amble, Montcalm county, Michigan", presumably George Clinton Ward in the carriage, son of Warren B. and Harriet Halstead Ward. The house is at Town's Corners in Arkwright, Chautauqua county, NY, part of large farm in lot 2 owned for many years by Horace J. and Florella S. Ward Town. Florella and George Clinton were siblings. Given the 1841 birth date of G. C. Ward, the date of the photo is probably in the 1870s. It is speculated that the left most woman is Florella, the man to her right is her son Aaron Ward Town (or possibly her younger brother Fenner E. Ward) and perhaps the other two women and the children are other Ward relations somehow. Please write with other information or speculations.
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