Giuseppe Mascaro & Giuseppa Caligiuri - 50th Anniversary

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in Warminster, PA USA


Laura MacLean What a fantastic family photo! Each one as handsome, as beautiful, as happy looking as the one next right and left and all radiating from the stars in the middle who shine stunningly, arms around each other, for the 50th occasion. Imagine that! How fortunate you all must have felt in the warm loving embrace of such a family! I am jealous for the lack of same. Lu
Jun 17, 2006 · Reply
Mildred Lee Congratulations! What a wonderful family that was! Mimi
Jun 17, 2006 · Reply
Miki Hunsaker What a great photo! I can see the love in this picture, my grandmother and grandfather just had their 50th wedding aniversary is wonderful.Miki Mascaro,Utah
Oct 05, 2006 · Reply
Anne Chavarro are these 'caligiuri's' related to the american family caligione? guiseppi caligiuri emmigrated to the US (from calabria) and the name was change to caligione. we are looking for any info!
Sep 16, 2008 · Reply
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