Gladys Kavanagh's & Wilfred Kirkbride

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A photo of Gladys Nellie Kavanagh on her wedding day to Wilfred Masters Kirkbride

Kelie Kavanagh Hi my name is kelie my grandfathers name was John micheal kavanagh from new york ocean pkway would u know him
Jul 04, 2014 · Reply
Heather Truskinger hi Kelie.

Sorry, no.

i can tell you my mothers fathers name was Martin Patrick Kavanagh.
I can tell you he was an Irish Catholic, and became the "black sheep" of his family when he married a German Lutheran, named Louisa Goodwin Caroline Reishman.
I do know he had at least one brother, but I dont know that brothers name.
sorry I cant be any more helo.
kind regards
Jul 06, 2014 · Reply
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