Grace Evalyn Stone Modesto, CA Stone family photo
Pam Marks

Grace Evalyn Stone Modesto, CA

"Grace Evalyn Stone" picture was taken when she was 4 months old, the other at 1 year 8 months. (Handwritten on back)

Grace Stone was born Dec. 11, 1914 in Hollister, CA. She died May 7, 1994 in Placer Co., CA. Grace's father was Grover Cleveland Stone, and her mother, Lena May Hubbard. Gracehad a brother, Cecil Benton Stone.
Grace was the wife of Larry Gaylord Forbes (1911-1990).

Photo found in an antique store, and I am not related to the people included in the photo.
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Photo taken at Hollister, California USA on
Grace Evalyn Stone Modesto, CA

Grace Evalyn Stone

Born: Dec 11, 1914
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Grace Evalyn Stone