Graduating Class of 14 Ferguson family photo
Jean Lay

Graduating Class of 14

This looks like a graduating class,boys all dressed up, girls with corsages, 14 young people, date could have been 1850's-1880's.

The Mystery

This photo was found at the Tulsa, OK. flea market, the vendor probably purchased it at a farm/estate sale in OK. The names have faded a bit, I might have made some mistakes interpreting the writings/spellings. All have last names except 3. Wonderful photo !

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Graduating Class of 14


Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Craig  ·  Addie E.  ·  Alf Whittaker  ·  Anna Heacock  ·  Carrie Holmes  ·  Mary Pottinger  ·  Ben Fowler  ·  Minnie Carter  ·  Effie Tornshell  ·  Eva Patty  ·  Dick  ·  Cora Payne  ·  Dora Ferguson  ·  Wilson Coons