Group of convicts ready to embark on a prison barge,...

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Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Views of people and places in Siberia from the George Kennan papers.

  • Group portraits--1880-1890.
  • Photographic prints--1880-1890.
  • Portrait photographs--1880-1890.
  • 1 photographic print.
  • Convicts destined for Eastern Siberia were transported from T i umen ̦to Tomsk and other destinations on prison barges which plied the Ob River and its tributaries. The trip took from seven to ten days. Three prison barges worked the Ob River network, each making, on average, six trips during the navigation season from May to October, and each carrying approximately 586 convicts. The actual number of convicts on a barge varied, sometimes nearing 800 and making the trip unbearable.
  • Transfer; Manuscript Division (George Kennan Papers); 1973; (DLC/PP-1973:080).
  • Forms part of: George Kennan Papers.


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