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This is one of 3 watercolors that I painted in 1995 for a WW2 exhibition in Asheville, North Carolina. Local veteran artists were asked to exhibit their paintings of WW2 events in celebration of the 50th anniversary of V-J Day. Margaret and I lived in Asheville from 1992 to 1999. This watercolor is of the Guardian Angels flying over a Landing Craft Tank (LCT), of LCT Group 24, 7th Amphibious Force, that is returning to its home port in the South Pacific during WW2. The Angles are having a conversation that goes like this: LH Angel - question: "Look....down there, isn't that a U.S.S. LCT that helped win the war?" The RH angel answers - "Yes it is! God bless that littl' LCT and take care of her fine officers and crew." This painting was purchased by my condo neighbor, John Hurtak, and hangs in his Asheville, NC bedroom.


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