Hand, Eunice (married names Osborne & McClain)

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My Grandmothers House. I remember playing in this yard when was just 3 years old. Me and my cousin Kenny used to roll our selves down the wooden stairs that run up right as you walk in the front door. There was a window at the top of the stairs we liked to look out of. Grandma's room was in the back on bottom floor and kitchen was on Left side the house. I remember it vividly. Also remember sitting with Grandma at the kit table eating peanuts and she said "Sherry, don't eat the stuff around the peanut take that off because I once knew a little boy who choked to death because of that". I also remember her reading stories to me. She treated me kindly. Wish I got to know her longer.
at Eunice Mae Hand, Lanett, Alabama


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