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Sherry Pitts
49 favorites
Story of Eunice Mae Hand

Her parents are - Samuel L. Hand and Mary Ida (maiden name Cook and other married name Walters - 2nd marraige)

Eunice's 1st Brother is - Claud (he married Julia their 2 daughters are Barbara and Gloria)

Eunice's 2nd Brother is - E.J.
Eunice's 3rd Brother is - Selbia/Selby Hand (he married Hazel).

Eunice Mae married Chester Osborne after his 1st wife died (he had 3 children Austin, Mary and Calvin Osborne from 1st marraige).

Eunice and Chester had 3 children, John T., Martha and Mariam Joan Osborne (My Mom).

Chester Osborne died and Eunice remarried to Dewey Oscar McClain and they had 1 daughter, Gail McClain.

P.S. When I was a child I asked my mom to explain this to me so many times before I ever got it right. I knew I'd want to know one day.

Please see my "Hand" pictures: Ida Mae, Sheila, Hazel, Eunice, Samuel, Claud, and picture of Eunice's house on 35 Underwood Street in Alabama. I remember playing in that yard when I was three.

Other pictures I'll be posting that maybe related to "Hand": Surnames, Dunlap and Mock.

And please see Osborne Pictures: I only have one picture of my Grandfather "Chester Osborne" and it looks worn. My Mom and Aunts and Uncles will all be on here soon.
Nov 23, 2003 · Reply

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