Harrisburg School, Fayette County IN

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Kathryn Brown's class 1944 Harrisburg IN Elementary School, Fayette County IN. Kathryn Brown, my grandmother, also taught for years at Everton Elementary, Fayette Co. IN and a few years in Union County, IN. She was my kindergarten and first grade teacher at Everton. My father, Charles Brown, was a vistor in his mother's class that day, in the third row from the back or top. Other last names are Koohns, Hendricks, Broaddus, Weaver, Shafer, Cornett, Crawley, Dice, Dorrel, Johnson, Stockdale, Sheets, Rish, Simmons, Bunch, Hanlon, Hall, Kohns, Strong, Lundy, Longnecker, Wathen, Sweney, Baker, Fox, Reibsomer, Shank, Gulley, Barker, Lee, Purcell, Onstott, Kahl, Hamilton, Whipple, Crandel.
at Fayette County, IN, Harrisburg, Indiana USA


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