H.E. Willis & 1924 Vallejo Cup Team, CA Willis family photo
Sharon Robinson

H.E. Willis & 1924 Vallejo Cup Team, CA

This is the 1924 Vallejo Cup Team for the USS Arizona. My father, H.E. Willis, is the one on the left holding the trophy. I have been unable to find out anything about this event other than it was a sculling or rowing race probably held out in California as that's where Dad was stationed with the Pacific Fleet. The men's last names from left to right single row: Vallejo Cup 1924 Crewmembers: Fretwell, Whitney, Tyler, Cardella, Fetzer, Willis (my dad), Bogardus, Parris, Perry, Merritt, Misell, Brickup, Shirling (Cox) ... show more

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Photo taken at USS ARIZONA, Vallejo, California USA on
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