Helen Sositko (upclose of photo) at school

Photo Details

Helen Josephine (Sositko) Henry Cook, the daughter of John and Bertha (Zlatykanicz) Sositko, at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Hamilton, Ohio. This photo was taken in either 1922 or 1923. Her birth certificate in Jan. 1915 said she was the daughter of Joseph Sositko and Mary Zlatykanicz but it is incorrect. Probably a mistake from Bertha speaking broken English. There were many mistakes on birth certificates. Census records and church records proves the family members. John's brother, Joseph Sositko and Bertha's sister, Mary Zlatykanicz were not married, The were married to other people and lived in separate states (not Ohio). Also, Helen's birth certificate doesn't have her first name. But her baptismal record does.
at St. Joseph's School, Hamilton, Butler County, OH


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