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Photo: David Paul [descendant of Peter Hennigan/Hannigan; Ann and Jimmie Hennigan of Drumcliffe/BenBulben in County Sligo; Karyn Hannigan [descendant of Edward Hannigan of New Limerick, Aroostook County, Maine]. David had hired a researcher that tracked our ancestors to this location. We are 99% certain that this is our family roots here on the side of Benbulben. Jimmie & Ann operate a B&B on the slopes of Benbulben, but the older cottages were up and behind where their domain is now. We went up there and one of the older cottages--the one that Jimmie's father grew up in--remains as a rental. The other one, where we are 'guessing' that our ancestors actually lived before emigrating, was torn down and replaced by a large modern home that is used as a vacation home evidently by the new owner. [Wishe he rented it] Anyway, in 10/07, David, my daughter, Jennifer, and myself were there and visited Jimmie and Ann briefly. They were very hospitable to their 'drop-in' cousins and are somewhat interested in the genealogy. Ann will occasionally respond to my emails as she is very gracious. One of their offspring is evidently pursuing some of the family info, so maybe we can obtain more from them eventually. More photos.
at Hennigan Homestead at BenBulben, County Sligo -Drumcliffe, Ireland


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