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Families researching: Benn, Bradbury, Bradley, Brittain, Butler, Cowed, Crandlemire, Crawford, Crouse, Donahoe, Donnelly, Farren, Faulkner, Feeney, Gibbons, Golden, Gooden, Hackett, Haggerty, Hallett, Hanagan, Hannigan, Hart, Hartt, Hennigan, Kennedy, Kilfoil, Mccain, Mccarthy, Mcgoldrick, Mcguen, Mckissick, Miville, Monahan, Moody, Mullen, Mullins, Murphy, O'Donnel, O'Keefe, Olliver, Shields, Simpson, Stockford

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K Hannigan Also: way back when...Thomas Merritt was born 8/2/1633-34 in London, England and died 11/10/1725 in Rye, Westchester, NY [age 91] He had 3 wives: 1] Jane ___ [?]** born 12/3/1636 died 1/4/1685 2] Abigail Frances born 2/14/1660 married 8/13/1688 3] Mary Ferris Lockwoodmarried 6/1696 died 1708 Children: 1. John b. 10/10/1657 in England died 4/10/1726 [age 68] 2.Alice b. 1/1/1660 in England died 6/10/1680 [age 20] 3. Joseph b. 6/6/1662 in Wethersfield, CT died 5/12/1754 [age 91] 4. Ephraim b. 5/5/1664 in Wethersfield, CT died after 1719 5.Jane b. 11/7/1666 in Wethersfield, CT 6. Isaac b. 5/3/1668 in Wethersfield, CT ] 7. Thomas [Sgt] Jr. b. 1/31/1670 died 1/30/1719 8. Samuel b. 8/21/1672 [m Elizabeth Underhill] died 1722 9. Joanna b. 11/18/1672 10. Rose b. 4/17/1674 in Rye, NY 11. Stephen b. 2/26/1677 12. Edward b. 3/10/1681 13. Matthew b.9/13/1681 14. Elizabeth b. 4/14/1683 15. Robert b. 1/19/1690 [this one can’t be Jane’s?]
Mar 10, 2013 · posted to the photo Dad and Uncle Fred Merritt
K Hannigan Yes, he is my uncle...sorry, not the same Fred Merritt. This one is from Hodgdon, Maine [deceased]. Merritts have to all be connected in some way, however. This overview takes us to my great grandparents: Deacon Thomas Marrett was born c 1589 in England and married Susanna Cranniwell. Thomas died 6/30/1664; Susanna died 2/23/1664. Thomas Merritt was born 8/2/1633 and married Jane ____?.. Thomas died 11/10/1725; Jane died 12/3/1656 Thomas [Sgt] Merritt was born 1/31/1670 and married [before 1694] Martha Marshall. Thomas died 1/30/1719. Thomas Merritt III was born in 1694 and married Mary Underhill who was born in 1696. Thomas died in 1749; Mary died in 1735. Robert Merritt was born 3/10/1731 and married in 1762 Elizabeth Robinson [born c. 1731]. Robert died in 10/1802;[no info on Elizabeth’s death]. Robert Merritt, Jr was born 9/14/1762 in Hempstead, LI,NY and married EFfie Palmer in 1792. Robert died 2/23/1601-02 in Hampstead, NB. John Merritt married Abigail Gerow [born 1784] on 4/28/1803. John died in 1830; Abigail died 10/13/1855. Caleb Merritt was born 10/11/1813 and married Harriet Mills, who was born 11/8/1820, on 4/19/1842. Caleb died 10/16/1880; Harriet’s date of death unknown]. Edward Merritt, born 4/23/1852 married Barbara Gerow, born 12/18/1855, on 8/20/1878. Edward died 9/16/1925; Barbara died 8/14/1831. Since you are in NY, one could at least consider a connection...what do you have? Karyn
Mar 10, 2013 · posted to the photo Dad and Uncle Fred Merritt
K Hannigan Any relation to George Barton who settled out there sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s?
Jul 02, 2011 · posted to the photo Mr D Barton Evergreen High School
K Hannigan Stone is in Houlton, Maine [behind St Mary's]
Apr 30, 2011 · posted to the photo Bridget Hennigan Mullen [Sligo & No Maine]
K Hannigan No location given...so difficult to know if any possible connection with ?other Whites etc. So many of these photo posts do this...too bad the site didn't offer/suggest that as part of description. I am guessing these Whites are in the South?
Apr 30, 2011 · posted to the photo White, Wing, Perry
K Hannigan No ID on this photo...names, where located etc...we may be connected. Email me at archangel_kh@msn.com
Mar 11, 2010 · posted to the photo Hannigan Family
K Hannigan where are your Kennedy's from?
Feb 05, 2010 · posted to the photo James E. and Jerushia (Bailey)
K Hannigan This belongs on Hannigan site.
Apr 05, 2009 · posted to the photo Munroe Children {Hodgdon, ME}
K Hannigan that is, in previous comment!
K Hannigan Bernie [Bernice] is still alive at age 89, but now experiencing increased symptoms of Alzheimer's/dementia. For historical information such as family info, she is still reasonably sharp, however. Yesterday, 7/21/06, I verified again re the nickname Hamp as noted above.
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