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Updated Jun 30, 2021


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Louise Acheson
Louise Acheson
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My grandfather was Samuel Daniel Simpson. Called Dan. He was born in 24 July 1878-1880 supposedly in Washington. Dan was a logger. He loved to play the fiddle and many other intruments. He danced the Irish jig and loved to tell stories. When he worked away from home playing his music (taverns and dances)he went under the alias of Samuel D.Williams. As a logger he was Dan or Sam Simpson. He was also known to work for the R.R.. He worked for Rutledge Timber Company in Idaho and also Simpson Logging Company in Shelton Washington. My grandmother met him when he was 39-40 years old. Anything before that time is unknown except for what he put in his census information. It is believed as per census that his mother was born in Oregon and his father was born in Ireland or US. Places he lived after 1917 were Idaho (St Maries,Clarkia & Emida area), Curlew,Ferry Co.WA., Puyallup,Pierce Co.WA., Chehalis, Lewis Co.WA., and Hoodsport, Mason Co.WA.. It is believed that he died in 1938,Portland,OR. after falling from a tree while working as a gardener. This is not proven to be him for sure as the body was donated to science. ( He had left the family to look for work in 1932 and never returned so this Dan Simpson in Portland's body was unclaimed by family)No burial is found so there fore no proof if it is my grandpa. Dan also was good at making fiddles and knew the exact kind of wood ect.. to make and sell them. He also knew how to make Huckelberry wine and may have made the wine to sell during prohibition to support his family. This may have been another reason he left in 1932 supposedly to look for work(they were rounding up all bootleggers about that time). The only information my grandmother had like photos ect were in a trunk she had in her garage and someone stole it in the 30's. We have one photo of him and I will put that on this site soon. if you have any connection to him or have heard of him please email me at [contact link]
Nov 11, 2007 · Reply

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