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Updated Sep 01, 2021


"broad wood", "broad clearing" Region of origin. England, Ireland. Bradley is an English surname derived from a place name meaning "broad wood" or "broad meadow" in Old English. Like many English surnames Bradley can also be used as a given name and as such has become popular.


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Mona Eaton commented
I was always told that there were 7 Bradley brothers that came over from England. Has anyone else heard the same thing in their family? I have traced back to George Bradley, b. 1786, whereabouts unknown, England immigrated to Canada. George Bradley married Elizabeth (Bell) Shannon, a widow, 1829 in Home District, Ontario and had 5 children with her. He was the second son of Lord Bradley of England and she was the daughter of Lord Bell of Ireland born 1794-97 not sure where in Ireland. I have not been able find either of them on a passenger list in the 1820s for their point of origin.
Aug 25, 2007  ·  Reply
Rowland Hill Bradley came to the United States about 1892 with his parents from Newfoundland. He was almost 6 years old. They settled in Buffalo. His father had TB very soon after they arrived so Rowland was not able to spend much time in school. He held many different jobs. He was the Western Union messenger who delivered a telegram to the house where President McKinley was taken after he was shot. He was on a survey team and saw the barrel with the lady who went over Niagara Falls. He worked at Baltimore Lunch and at a lab of some sort. He frequently visited hobos at the RR yards. Finally he traveled across the US to Portland. There he started a "hole in the wall" lunch service. He became known for his chicken pies. Soon there were several such places. Finally there was the Bradley Pie Company making wholesale pies. This shop continued to be in business until 195?. Grandpa as he was known by the family married and had sis children when he decided to leave Portland and try his business in Los Angeles in 1925. He established another wholesale bakery on Adair Street not far from the old baseball field. This was successful until about 1937 when the union wanted to organize the shop. He allowed them in and their demands caused him to have to close. After a short while they reopened with Mrs. Bradley, the oldest son, Rowland Jr. and the foreman as managers. The business continued until 1947 when it was sold. Part of the history is that Grandpa bought fruit for his pies from Walter Knott of Knott's Berry Farm fame. Also, for a while, the pies for the "door to door" bakery trucks were made at Bradley Pie Co. Sometime in the 1950's Grandpa was invited to Portland for the dedication of a new Bradley Pie co. but he was not well enough to attend. Since that time that bakery has gone out of business. Grandpa died in 1979. Contributed by daughter-in-law Mary Frances Bradley. None of the Bradley children are living at this time. Family of Rowland Hill Bradley Spouse Edith Gilbert Bradley Children Rowland H. Jr. & Ruth Mary (Fairbanks) & Frank Ruth (Mekkelson) & Paul Margaret (Blum) (div) David & Gail (dec); Lorene Daniel & Mary Frances
Apr 07, 2009  ·  Reply
Private Joseph Bradley joined the 5th (Kilkenny Militia) Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment, he was 15 years 2 month old on enlistments. Joseph and his Battalion were mobilized then on the 13th November he was promoted to the rank of Corporal. Then on the 16th February 1915 he was posted to the 1st Battalion who were in France. The 1st Garrison Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment was formed at Dublin on the 2nd August 1915, Joseph was posted to this Battalion on the 7th August. The Battalion landed at Holyhead on the 28th August and moved to Devonport. On the 6th September 1915 they embarked the SS Grampian and set sail for the Port of Mudros on the Greek Island of Lemnos. Mudros was a large port and garrison town this was also the jumping off point for Gallipoli. In October 1915 the Battalion provided working parties at Suvla Bay on the Gallipoli Peninsula. These working parties were employed in road making, carrying water to the trenches, making dugouts and guarding prisoners of war amongs other duties. The Battalion embarked HMS Mars, bound for Egypt and landed at Alexandria. They then proceeded to Mex Camp. On the 16th February 1916 the Battalion took over No.l3 section of Lower Egypt which comprised the whole of the Lower Delta. There was also a detachment of 150 men at Alexandria guarding Turkish prisoners of war. On the 19th December 1916 the Battalion moved to Assiut in Upper Egypt and was scattered across a thousand mile front, from Wadi Natsum to Assuan. On the 30th April 1917 Battalion Headquaters were moved from Assiut to Shousha. Then in March 1918 Headquarters were ordered to El Azib Camp, Fazoum and the Battalion concentrated there. In October the Battalion was guarding some 6000 German and Turkish prisoners of war. Joseph stayed in Egypt until the end of the war. Deomed on the 26th May 1919 he returned to Kilkenny Ireland. 1920 came to Llanelly in South Wales UK. 1920 died Westminster Hospital London. He is buried in Llanelly with his wife Bridget.
Apr 26, 2012  ·  Reply
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