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Updated Jul 27, 2021


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Originally from Scotland. It, simply enough, means the crow's fjord.

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Ken Koshar
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Ken Koshar commented
My Mother ~> MARION LOUISE CRAWFORD Born 1916 ~> New York
She was a TWIN to my Uncle (John T. Crawford)
Their Parents were: John C. Crawford (My GrandFather) and Christine Hamilton (My GrandMother)

My Mom married my Father{ ALBERT JAMES KOSHAR ) in 1944, Cleveland, Ohio

My Mom and Dad had 3 Children:
Donald James Koshar
Thomas Richard Koshar
Kenneth Robert Koshar
Mar 06, 2006 · Reply
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Nancy Zeigler
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Nancy Zeigler commented
My grandfather, John Wesley Crawford, was the son of John W. Crawford, who was listed on the Walker County, Georgia 1870 census report. John W. was living with his mother, Arternacy/Artemissa Crawford Kirkin/Kirkland and her husband, Wade H. Kirklin. John W's birthdate was listed as 1857. He had a brother James J. Crawford, born in 1853, a brother, Charles, born in 1858, and a sister, Missouri, born in 1856. Mr. Kirklin stated that he was born in Georgia in 1843. He was listed as head of the house, age 26, during this census report. Wade was shown to be a farm laborer. Arternacy, age 31, was keeping house lived in the household. Wade Kirklin was apparently the second husband of Artemissa Crawford. Also living there were Rebecca, age 3, Lucretia, 10 months. The four children whose last names were Crawford, were listed as: James Crawford was the oldest at age 17. The other Crawfords were John W., age 13, Charles, age 12, and Missouri, age 8. John W. Crawford was the father of John Westley Crawford (listed on John Wesley's death certificate. Also, the family knew Wesley's sister, Missouri, throughout her life. The dates are the same for W. L. Crawford, from Carroll County's, wife and children.
Nov 14, 2007 · Reply
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Mother Andrews
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Mother Andrews commented
My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Crawford 1844-1923 (married Morton Jett) in eastern Kentucky (area of Breathitt/Lee?Owsley). She was daughter of Isabelle or Ibby Bowman 1820-1855 and Valentine VOL Crawford 1811-1889. Vol was son of Margaret Brown 1789-1852 and Archibald Crawford 1772-1866. I am unsure from there--Joseph Daniel Josiah Crawford and Elizabeth Isaacs, Col William Valentine Crawford and 1st wife Catherine, William Valentine Crawford and Elenor Honora Grimes, William Crawford 2 1662-1736 of Norfolk VA and Naudaine Valentine (Huguenot), then I have more names going to Scotland and Galfridus de Crawfurd 1060-1120
Dec 21, 2019 · Reply

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