Henry Turner, Margaret Campbell's 1st Boyfriend

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Margaret Campbell at 16yrs.met Henry Turner in Ozark,MO and fell in love and agreed to marry him, however;he was Confederate and her family were Union Sympathizers and so she was moved with their family to Knox Co, MO in the NE corner of State and Henry Turner returned to his regiment and was never heard from again. I am posting this so his family might have a tintype of him at that time.
at Ozark Arkansas Border, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri USA


Kathy Pinna So neat that you know the story . . . even neater that you shared the photo for his family! Have you ever tried to find out if he survived the war? I want an ending to the story! lol
Nov 28, 2011 · Reply
Kathleen McCune I have tried, however; since he served for the Confederacy the US Gov has no records. However, I can tell you she did not marry until October 15, 1871 when she married Eben Averill from Maine, but who was then serving in 1870 census as a Private, Co. C, 3rd [external link] the age of 24. They were just a year apart in age and she obviously still liked the military look. He was from a family of clerics/preachers and has a relative who is also an author on staff at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. My book ANNE which will be published next year will contain more details.
Nov 28, 2011 · Reply
Jen Hemphill Brazelton I have a Henry Turner in my bloodline who was born in Missouri and lived in the Ozark area (we still have family in that region). My Henry Turner was born to John Milton Turner and Mary Ellen McManama in 1861; and later moved to Clark County, Missouri (North East of the state). I'll have to check with my great-aunt to see if she has any information. Great picture!!
Nov 29, 2011 · Reply
Kathleen McCune These are the exact areas the Campbells lived before homesteading in Central Kansas. Very likely the same family. I have read that Missourians were torn even within families with their own allegiance during the Civil War and this was probably that kind of situation.
Nov 29, 2011 · Reply
Laurie Smith Wonderful picture and story! Thank you so much for sharing. If this is our Henry Turner, son of Milton and Mary Ellen Turner, he did survive the war and married Josephine Carmen. He lived to be about 86 years old in Missouri.
Mar 11, 2013 · Reply
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