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Browse the history of Tintype through vintage photographs.

Found in an antique store. Handwritten note attached - "Mrs. Hattie Faulkner Key [sic] oldest daughter of Aunt Emma". Note the little golden bits attached to her throat and finger to look like jewelry. At first I thought they were debris and almost tried to scrape them off.
People in this photo:
Hattie Isadora (Faulkner) Kee
Nov 23, 1867 - Aug 3, 1946
Scratched tintype photo found at an antique store. Handwritten on back of paper frame: "John Carroll uncle of Charlotte Frances Winn Carroll m. Evans". CLAIMED - this photo has been returned to family members.
People in this photo:
John M. Carroll
Apr 7, 1821 - Apr 7, 1882
A photo of Elnora Kerr as a child
People in this photo:
Elnora (Kerr) Barringer
Oct 2, 1856 - Dec 17, 1929
A photo of Elnora (Kerr) Barringer
People in this photo:
Elnora (Kerr) Barringer
Oct 2, 1856 - Dec 17, 1929
A photo of Freeman Swartout Barringer
People in this photo:
Freeman Swartout Barringer
January 1854 - 1927
A photo of Jeremiah Van Kleeck and his wife Sally Every There were several copies and enlargements of this photo made for relatives in tintype and other formats. I believe this is the original.
People in this photo:
Jeremiah Van Kleeck
Jul 18, 1805 - Dec 6, 1885
My grandmother had this tin photo she recently passed and were trying to figure out who they are. 1856-1900 tin photo
A photo of Andrew Livingston. Picture found at flea market. Name written on back - only information. This is a tintype.
People in this photo:
A photo of an unknown family - tintype. In the main family album - Haight, Butler, Hargis, Mackey, am searching in my tree to see if there is anyway I may deduce who they could be. Maybe as far back as Polhemus, Stone, Barnes, Wellington, Applegate, so many more... But if anyone happens to be familiar or even if you have these folks in another photo, it may help deduce who they are by which lines you are more closely related to.
A tintype of William & James Sinclair, and Eddie Pollock, that I purchased from a local antique dealer. Bottom: William Sinclair, James Sinclair Top: Eddie Pollock, Unknown
People in this photo:
Edward W Pollock
1865 - Feb 25, 1891
A tintype of Tamma Mosher that I purchased at the AK State Fair. There's a piece of tape on the back with the name "Tamma Mosher" written on it.
People in this photo:
Tamma Mosher
Apr 12, 1882 - Dec 1, 1969
A photo of Jacob Almorine Miller. Colorized.
People in this photo:
"Shotgun wedding" photo of Jacob Almorine Miller to his first cousin, Ethel Miller. She is several months pregnant with their only child, Wayne.
People in this photo:
A photo of Emmett P. Miller and Ellen Miller.
People in this photo:
Jeanette (Jessie) Hunter Choate Daguerreotype | Ambrotype | Ferrotype
People in this photo:
A photo of Bessie Young and her baby sister
People in this photo:
A photo of a teenage Elinor Miller. Photo taken in the 1920's.
People in this photo:
A photo of 24-yr-old James Miller looking quite dapper.
People in this photo:
James William Miller
Dec 30, 1877 - August 1968
calera, ok, us
A photo of Otto Franklin Miller - Back when baby boys wore dresses.
People in this photo:
Otto Frank Miller
around May 29, 1905 - Apr 7, 1926
Old Woodville, OK, United States
Elizabeth Lechner (1852-1900)
People in this photo:
Elizabeth Lechner
Sep 10, 1852 - Apr 11, 1900
A photo of Pvt. William and Sarah McStotts on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Pvt. William fought for the Union during The Civil War. These two are my Paternal 3rd Great Grandparents.
People in this photo:
Unknown family photo - no date, place or names. This one is a tintype photo. One of these men might be the name of Bettis.
A photo of unknown Youngblood or Wilson men. This is a old copy of a tintype photo. Don't know the relationship or who they are. My family are Youngblood living in the area of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. My grt grand father was Lemuel Youngblood aka Lem and wife Ellen Francis Bowen. My grandparents were Isom Izarone Youngblood and Pearl Margaret Wilson; however, none of the Wilsons recognize the people nor have pictures of anyone near the resemblance of these two men.
A photo of Charlie and Mary Ann Waters, My 3rd Great Grandparents. Date unknown. Looks to be late 1800's, early 1900's.
People in this photo:
Tin type portrait of young boy about age 5. Probably taken in the 1860's.
This is a Tin type photo of an unknown man (James Jackson Hooper?) with dark hair and beard wearing jacket, vest, tie, and watch chain.
A photo of an unknown man. This was found in my grandmother's belongings in Charleston, SC. Could be Mellard, Walters
A photo of an unknown boy. This was found in my grandmother's stuff in Charleston, SC. Could be Mellard, Arrington, Walters
A photo of John Clinton Miller
People in this photo:
John Clinton Miller
Sep 6, 1876 - Jan 17, 1915
TX, United States
A photo of an unknown baby in the collection of Cyrus Metzger of Montgomery County, Ohio. This is a tintype.
A photo of Gamaliel Degolia Hoover
People in this photo:
Gamaliel D. Hoover
Feb 23, 1844 - Apr 25, 1916
Theresa, NY
Tintype. Seated man is Sylvan Goodrich Coffman and standing woman is his first wife, Ida (Baker) Coffman. The other couple are unknown, but might be Daniel Monroe Coffman with Romaine (Blazer) Coffman seated.
People in this photo:
Sylvan Goodrich Coffman
Dec 27, 1853 - Jun 1, 1923
This is an old tin type and all it says is Gram and Gramp Marshall. If any one can identify I would appreciate it.
This lady is my great-grandmother, who lived in York County, SC. The photo is a tintype. She is holding her cellphone!
A photo of Jeremiah VanKleeck and his wife Sally Avery/Every. Since tintypes are mirror images, I flipped the digital copy of this photo.
People in this photo:
Jeremiah Van Kleeck
Jul 18, 1805 - Dec 6, 1885
A photo of David Van Kleeck, who was in the 120th New York Volunteer Infantry. David is wearing his uniform and holding his rifle. This photo was badly faded and scratched when the scan was sent to me to fix and the relative who owns it says it has now gone completely black.
People in this photo:
David Van Kleeck
Feb 21, 1839 - Jul 23, 1902
No one in the family has any idea who these men could be. They appear well dressed but they could have borrowed the clothes from the photographer. It is printed on metal.
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