Confederate Soldier James Ausband Martin

James Ausband Martin enlisted with Co. G. of the 53rd NC Regiment. He was captured at Gettysburg, served almost 2 yrs at Fort Delaware, was released 19 Jun 1865.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown


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Jo Martin
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Jo Martin
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I do not have a Crapo George Barney in my database and also not in the article concerning James Ausband Martin. Please email me for further comments at [contact link]

Mar 25, 2005 · Reply
Phyllis Marsh
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Ran across your posting on Ancient Faces and noted the name of Crapo and Barney. I have George Barney (1776-1853) Married Jan 1792. married to Waitstill Crapo

George Barney is the son of Giles Barney and Giles Barney is the son of Eli Barney. PS your email address did not work. Phyllis
Mar 21, 2005 · Reply
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