Adam & Librada (Rodrigues) Yates

A photo of Adam & Librada (Rodrigues) Yates. Wedding photo of my husband Bob Gregory's 3rd great grandparents. Adam was born in NY 1828, migrated to Mariposa Co., CA. abt 1852. "Libby" was b. abt 1840 in Mexico.
Date & Place: in California USA
1840 - Unknown
1828 - Unknown
Updated Jul 15, 2020

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Ancient Faces
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1856 California wedding photo. He's 28, she's 16. Maybe that's why he looks pleased and she looks a bit nervous?
Jul 15 · Reply
Zena Olek
She’s just a kid, ugh I hate that.
Ana Maria Nunes
I think she couldn't imagine what was waiting for her later ...
Ulla Cocke
1 favorite
Nervous? She looks furious!
Jul 17 · Reply
Elizabeth Cary
My aunt married when she was 13 and her husband was 21. They had their first child when she was 14 yrs old. They had 9 children only 7 survived. They were married over 50 years. They were married in 1930.
Elizabeth Cary
Ulla Cocke I think the only ones that thought it cute were her children. As for myself I can’t understand stand what a 21 year old man saw in a 13 yr old. I’ve seen pictures of her at 14 and pregnant and she looks like a little girl.
Ulla Cocke
1 favorite
13. Still just a child. In most civilized parts of the world she would have been way underage.
Jul 17 ·
Dave Wright
The hands are dead.
Dave Wright
HE is not.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
she is wearing gloves Dave Wright
Jul 19 ·
Brenda Thorne Veazey
My father was 25 and my mother 16 when they were married. She was 14 when they first locked eyes...neither ever looked at another person. They were married 70 years when my father passed away (in the house they built with their hands, with her at his side).
Kris Fuller Gende
It was a different time for sure. Marriage was a much different contract. Women were often married to men much older because they were established with some property and income. I am sure there were lots of unhappy relationships.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
I believe the relationships were defined differently
Jul 18 ·
Paula Simões
She looks sad
Paula Fultz Shank
Exactly what I thought when I first saw this. Poor kid. 🥺
Linda Arnold-Wolfard
It looks like the hands should be reversed..
P.d. Lovato
That man looks just like Jeff Daniels, the actor.
Rob Mathis
Sure are a lot of uneducated comments.
Alesia Lachenauer
She didn't have much choice in the matter...but their clothing indicates they were better off than most.
Charlie Niemeyer
I was married at 17 in 1969. Seem to have survived it all right.
Dave Wright
Fake. Look at the size of the heads and what must be a VERY long neck of the man. Look at the shine of the hair on the woman compared to the blurry hair of the smaller faced man.
Dave Wright
And please do not tell me she is wearing gloves. Gloves do not have fingernails.
Dave Wright
The hands are DEAD! Someone replaced living faces on their dead ancestors.
Dave Wright
Look at his left arm!
Dave Wright
Look at what appears to be photoshopped rather than accuse others of not knowing.
Jennifer Bristol
Ladies wore a pomade in their hair. It was part of the fashion, as was her bonnet. He chose not to add pomade to his hair, which men also did.
Perhaps if studied more about Victorian fashion and photography in general, you'd know that this was a normal couple.
Terri Beam
I believe I heard mother Mary mother of Jesus was 14, it’s not even possible today kids aren’t mature enough.. It makes my skin crawl tho when the young girl has to marry an old guy ! But I have a lot of old photos ,seems nobody smiled much in any of them .. She does look angry.
Tracey McCauley
A lot of women died during childbirth during that era .
Men would marry again two or three times. They would be well into their 30's maybe even 40's and marry much younger women.
Jamie Gross Sears
Very interesting comments😊
Romona Pratt
Mom was 15 pop was 24 were together almost 60 years until he died
Donna Ellison
One of our sets of grandparents were 32(M) and 16 (F). Different back then.
Deb Hadley Christie
Donna Ellison Yes it was
Wendy Busch
My 2x great grandmother was 12... can you imagine being a wife at that age! From what I've researched as long as they knew what a wifely "duty" was they were allowed to marry.
Wendy Busch
Erik Goddard great great grandmother...
Erik Goddard
Wendy Busch What is a 2x great grandmother
Debi Komp Robbins
It was hard to hold a smile for as long as the photographer had the lens open
Patricia L Parcel
The reason they are not smiling is because it wasnt concidered dignified and they didnt want to be seen as undignified or frivolous. Im sure they were both just fine!
Patricia L Parcel
Jennifer Bristol. History is where I learned my fact. I was a reenactor at a living history museum for 10 years. We were taught how to act and why you did so. Also minored in history in college. Seen many documentaries about it so I beleive I know what Im talking about. Have a nice day!
Jennifer Bristol
Eileen Darcy- losing weight is NOT the same as holding a smile for 60 seconds.
try it with a video and see... your face will get tired, and you'll start to droop. I've seen the rare photo of a smile. It must have been a b**ch to hold it that long.
Her eyes aren't sad, that's your perception.
Eileen Darcy
Jennifer Bristol for my wedding picture I could lose weight so holding a smile for 60 seconds yes of course you can...
Note also that smiling was not accepted before.
Nevertheless we all can see in her eyes she is sad
Jennifer Bristol
Eileen Darcy can you hold a smile for at least 60 seconds? It's very difficult to do, so the pleasant resting face was easier to hold.
Camera exposures took a lot longer than the second it takes now.
READ up on the history of photography and learn something new.
Patricia L Parcel
Eileen Darcy. I dont think so. Look at all the photos from this era. No one is smiling!
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Patricia, you are correct
Jul 15 ·
Deb Hadley Christie
Jessie Whitten That is what I've always heard.
Eileen Darcy
Patricia L Parcel that or she was forced to marry a bad man and she knew it ..
Jessie Whitten
Patricia L Parcel that or it took up to 10-15 minutes for a photo to be taken. Can you imagine standing there with a grinning face for that long??
Gloria A. Mahaffey
Yea, My Grandfather was 30 and my Grandmother was 15 in 1899 when they married. Men married young girls who could give them lots of kids to help on farm.
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
That was not an unusual happenstance.
Karen Shreeves
That poor girl eww
Marilyn Myers Allen
What a handsome couple! Bet they had beautiful children
Lynn Falconer
Black veil looks more funereal than bridal
Michael Spencer
Colloidion positive photographic chemicals reacted differently to different colors. The dress could be lemon yellow but would appear black in the resulting image.
Jennifer Bristol
Lynn Falconer it could be red or some other color, because...geee... it's a BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO.
Julia Ellen Glanville
Lynn Falconer good point!
Donna Richwalski Winski
Lynn Falconer my Great Gmas dress was Brown.
Did you know that it was Queen Victoria who set the style for white wedding dresses?
Lilly Watson
Nervous? she looks flat out unhappy.
Frances Gilbreath Bailey
People's life span was shorter back then. That's why people married so young.
Knox Warner
Does that make him a child molester?
Ulla Cocke
1 favorite
Educate me. Aren´t there some states in the US that still, to this day, allow 13 years old girls or at least very young girls to get married? Or is that fake news?
Jul 17 ·
Patricia L Parcel
Knox Warner. Come on think about it. It was a different. People were lucky to live to be 50. They did everything younger. Marrige and children. They were put to work as young as 5. It was a different time with different needs. You cant judge them by todays standards.
Gloria Rodas
Knox Warner no.
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Knox Warner no, because woman were beginning to marry at 15. Any woman over 21 was considered a spinster or on the shelf...although the did marry at this age.
Jill Horrall
She does not look at all happy. I wonder what became of them.
Tiarra Thomas
She looks mad, like she waiting for him to go to sleep so she can burn down the house
Jill Horrall
Deb Hadley Christie She not only does not look happy, she looks angry (to me). Maybe she was forced into this marriage by her parents for whatever reasons. Women as property. Their thoughts and feelings did not matter.
Deb Hadley Christie
Jill Horrall Took so long for camera to actually take a picture back then that no one ever looked happy!
Sandra Rousseau
She doesn't look nervous, she looks pissed.
Pam Long
I Wonder how their lives turned out
Jackie Young Lenarz
16 was not terribly young back then .... my mother was married on her 17th birthday in the late 1940’s.
Tracy LC
I didn't know there were cameras then lol
Jennifer Bristol
Cameras were invented in the 1800s. READ up on the history of photography and learn something new.
DavidAnna Lawrie
My grandpa was 30.
One of his pupils was my 15 year old gma. Imagine that nowadays..
Deb Hadley Christie
DavidAnna Lawrie Imagine indeed! In 1934 my 22 year old father in law married my 15 year old mother in law. That doesn't sound right either nowadays!
Eli Grey
Don't be afraid. Look at the size of his hands.
Jenniferann De Souge
Most women didn't smile back then ... beautiful photo love history
Jennifer Bristol
Dave Wright- not quite. It was hold still and breathe shallowly. Most photos are slightly blurred due to living subjects. Only Memento Morii are crystal clear due to no movement from said subject.
Dave Wright
No one smiled for photos. They were required to hold their breath and not blink as the exposure took a long time.
Richard Carpenter
My grandparents were 25 and 13.. When they had their only child. Kentucky of course
Richard Milne
May be it was the first time she was photographed and was concerned about what it entailed.
Carolyn Hoyt
Oh please, it is a very nice wedding photography. He isn't exactly ancient and she is not in kindergarten. Perfectly normal age difference then and now. I assume she wasn't forced to leave a high paying corporate job to marry. Different world.
P.d. Lovato
Karen Shreeves nope not in that time period. Normal
Gloria Rodas
Karen Shreeves not for those times... without modern medical care people died younger and it was thought her age was appropriate for childbearing because young and healthy instead of older and wore out was safer. Please look at the historical context before judging.
Karen Shreeves
Carolyn Hoyt if you think that age difference is appropriate now your out of your mind... Its child abuse 🤮
Barbara Langel Feinblatt
Uncanny resemblance to my sister and brother in law. Sent it to her and her kids
Moira Harvey
Very mature for their age had to grow up quicker back then
Keith Ironeagle Richards
my 4th great grandfather was 14....his bride, was 18....different world, back in 1814.
D'Lynn Byrd Williams
She looks like a deer in the headlights!!
Nina Morway
54 favorites
Oh, that Victorian parted-down-the middle hairstyle was so unflattering.
Jul 15 · Reply
Karri Cummins
Karri Cummins
Jennifer Bristol okay then, I can do that.
Jennifer Bristol
Karri Cummins yep... you're wrong.
Perhaps you need to study Victorian fashion and photography in general.

This is a normal couple in a normal pose.
Karri Cummins
Hands and faces. Maybe I am wrong but it looks kind of weird to me. Don't mean to be mean, it just looks a bit choppy to me.
Joanne Fonseca
Karri Cummins what makes you think so?
Lynda Lerum
Older and very old men married young and very young women to have babies to help run the farm. And on top of that women had no say in anything.
Missis Jonathan
104 favorites
(Sarcasm alert)

Exactly. Women had zero say. My grandpa was a coal miner, who was 33yo and married my 15yo grandma to have babies to help coal mine. She was a total baby maker. He didn't love her until he died or anything. They were rich because he became a preacher and all his kids then switched from being coal miners to youth pastors.,,,,

That's why we have so many children. They run our farm. It's awesome. You see little kids throwing fits in stores? That's because they were born in the city. Mine were born in the country, and the age when city kids are throwing fits, mine are crawling around between rows of corn, pulling weeds. They are SO useful, as compared to their city counterparts. Like night and day.

If you live on a farm, you easily see how lots of children make sense. They don't mean you have to raise anything extra, or double (or treble) your work load at all. They are awesome skilled labor. No supervision necessary.
Jul 15 ·
Lu Vest
She looks ticked off like Mom and Dad arranged it.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Nothing unusual for that period of time, it was quite common, girls as young as 13 and 14 became wives.
Jul 15 · Reply
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Vesuvia Nox Vulcania Thank You, at last there are some that can see the picture, not their own prejudices
Jul 19 ·
Vesuvia Nox Vulcania
Dave Wright you are utterly ridiculous.
Nobody's hands are dead, and it's not photoshopped.
The lady is wearing gloves. Ladies wore gloves then, because they were actually ladies, who dressed properly.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
April Williams, she is wearing gloves, I am just totally amused at some of the remarks about these people, it almost seems that most have never seen old pictures from the 19th century. Surely there must be no history being taught in the schools at present.
Jul 19 ·
April Williams
56 favorites
Dave Wright she’s wearing kid gloves. 🧐
Jul 19 ·
Tiarra Thomas
Larry Murley I study history too. Took classes just because, it's not part of my major. I also research because I also know history is told by the ones who were "victorious". And, you know the deeper I study American history and the people that look like me it IS a miracle. It's a miracle they didn't ALL take their lives at once. IT WAS HARD. Death was the only reprieve, literally! So yes I also emphasize with them and continue live by a better and better standard out of respect for them. I wonder how your MAGA I mean your "greater is the miracle, that is United States of America" would have turned out?

The numbers of women who died during childbirth got better over time. Why don't you look up my side of history and find out why that is. How those doctors studied women bodies, I'm Sorry enslaved women's bodies to find the root and cause of it. Look up Marion Sims. Spoiler: he would cut these women open while ALIVE with no anesthesia for all to see in Central Park. You'll see why we view history differently. While what he did learning about women's bodies was cool and all BUT that's what cadavers are for and was solid method of study even back then.
Henrietta Lacks look her up as well

My history is full of horror and pain but that's okay, right? because look at the greater miracle of the United States of America.

Your history doesn't benefit my history The way my history benefits yours.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Tiarra Thomas But I don't you see, I have been studying their lives, for years now, I will have a book coming out in Oct Or Nov, life was very hard, as single scrape on your shin could cost you a leg, or maybe your life. No, I appreciate them for what they did, and I can empathize with their hardships. The deeper you studies these histories, the greater is the miracle, that there is a United States of America The numbers of women who died in childbirth was staggering
Jul 18 ·
Tiarra Thomas
Larry Murley if they are watching judging us by their standards. It wouldn't matter if we came up short because times have changed the standards, in a sense.

So , if you (generally speaking) think you'll come up short then maybe you wish the times were like it was way back when. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Dave Wright
Look at the hands. They are dead. Someone replaced the dead faces with living images in a very sloppy early photoshop!
Silje Lone
Vesuvia, I'm not sure.
Maybe the fact that it is more expensive to build a house in colder climates, and to tend a farm in general, made it more difficult ? And it was probably more difficult to get land in general, due to the fact that Norway is a small country, only around 5% of the land is agriculture, the rest is basically wasteland 😄 people used to move out when they were around 14-15 to work, not to get married.
Vesuvia Nox Vulcania
Silje Lone weren't people in colder climates usually a bit older before marriage, maturity, anyway?
Seems like in more Southern or warmer climates, people tended to be younger, come to maturity and marriage earlier - at least, to physical maturity, anyway. I won't say they were necessarily mentally more mature.
Dean Moriarty
Larry Murley very good answer.
Silje Lone
It was not to common in Norway actually.
You would believe they got married earlier at that time, but they had to afford settling down, and peoples usually had to work until they were way up in their twenties before they could get married.
Sarah Farless
Karen Shreeves well they’re both dead now and so is your opinion. 🤣
Patricia L Parcel
Karen Shreeves to them it was right. Thats how it was done. They didnt see it as bad. Different times had different ideas. They died earlier so they did everything earlier.
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Laurie Wolfschlag Well said. In 1865, my great grandfather came home from the Civil War. He had 3 children, in a community that was so devastated from the war, and so many of their men had been killed, untill it could have past for an after the Apocalypse world, In 1870 his wife died in childbirth, he had 4 children the oldest were 8 and 9 I believe, (yes the child survived the mom didn't. The neighbors, 2 farms up the road sent their daughter Miranda down to help with the babies, while Jeff worked. Miranda was 14, they were married about a year later. They lived together until he died in 1907. My grandfather Chris was the 7th one of their children, and there were 3 more after him. People should never judge their ancestors for living the rules of their community and their time.
Jul 15 ·
Larry Murley
3 favorites
Karen Shreeves So it doesn't make it right in your mind, But it is not even reasonable to judge the past with your standards. Remember, those people are dead, maybe they are watching you and judging your standards. Believe me we would all come up short
Jul 15 ·
Laurie Wolfschlag
Karen. Different times. Back those days, people didn't live as long and infant child mortality rate was high. Goals were to have children and keep them alive and fed til they could help raise food, or they could start their own households. We came a long way since then with a steady food supply, clean water and antibiotics.
Karen Shreeves
Larry Murley dosnt make it right.
Laurie Wolfschlag
She might not have been his first wife either.
Esther Evans
She doesn't look nervous...she looks furious...LOL
Milena Enright
She looks more than a bit nervous.
Jennifer Bristol
Milena Enright it's called resting b**ch face.
Marimon Basco Sta Cruz
Emma Wooller
Milena Enright she looks kind of furious!
Nadia Quark
poor kid
Nadia Quark
Jennifer well, i don't find it so good. It was no life.
Jennifer Bristol
Kid? She reached child bearing age as soon as she hit puberty.
Rebecca Oster
In my Spanish colonial family that was about the time they were left destitute after Americans stole their land grants. She probably needed to eat.
Melissa Willard
Sooooooo you think it’s okay for adults to marry children?
JM Goodell
I’m offended that that lady is defending pedophiles.
Tessa Glaze
AncientFaces it just doesn't seem fair to judge these people when they're not here to defend themselves. I assume they're probably strangers to you as well? It seems disrespectful of the dead.
Tessa Glaze No, she isn't. I'm sorry that I somehow offended you. :(
Tessa Glaze
Lori Lorenz are you the admin for Ancient Faces?
Lori Lorenz
Hmmm... thats a conundrum. I guess there is no good solution for you.
Btw, my birthday is Aug 29. You might want to stay off social media that day.
Tessa Glaze
Lori Lorenz this is a page I follow. How would I know I didn't want to read it until I read it?
Lori Lorenz
Tessa Glaze you'd didn't have to read it.
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