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Yates Last Name History & Origin

Updated Oct 21, 2020


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Name Origin

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Early Yateses

These are the earliest records we have of the Yates family.

1616 - Unknown
1674 - 1735
1694 - Unknown
1703 - Apr 1, 1778
1720 - 1778
1727 - 1799
1738 - Unknown
1754 - Unknown
1760 - Unknown
1779 - Unknown

Yates Family Members

Yates Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Yates Biographies

1902 - Unknown
Jan 17, 1933 - Aug 21, 2001
Feb 2, 1899 - December 1983
Apr 10, 1931 - Jul 11, 1996
Jul 27, 1916 - Sep 30, 1989
Nov 17, 1915 - Mar 19, 1989
Jul 18, 1914 - Feb 6, 1998
May 24, 1904 - April 1966
Apr 11, 1907 - January 1979
Oct 28, 1895 - August 1978
Oct 18, 1932 - May 28, 2007
Aug 10, 1929 - Jun 6, 1999
Jun 18, 1905 - May 1984
Jan 1, 1935 - Feb 15, 1989
c. 1981 - Unknown
c. 1953 - Unknown
c. 1971 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1919 - Unknown

Yates Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Yates family member is 69.3 years old according to our database of 25,172 people with the last name Yates that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.3 years

Oldest Yateses

These are the longest-lived members of the Yates family on AncientFaces.

Mar 9, 1895 - Jun 27, 2006
111 years
Oct 16, 1901 - Dec 1, 2010
109 years
Jul 13, 1887 - Sep 6, 1996
109 years
Apr 14, 1901 - Oct 29, 2006
105 years
Jul 4, 1891 - Sep 2, 1996
105 years
Oct 12, 1898 - May 29, 2003
104 years
Jan 6, 1899 - Dec 4, 2003
104 years
Feb 6, 1892 - Sep 11, 1996
104 years
Feb 16, 1885 - Jul 15, 1988
103 years
Jan 7, 1896 - Mar 9, 1999
103 years

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Tim Yates
2 favorites
Along time ago back around the early part of the 1900's Grandmaw from my Mom's side grabbed her bambo pole, bate, and her old boots to go down to the local bridge in Hiawatha, Kansas to fish for some channel catfish. She wasn't having any luck and got her line caught. She walked down the bank to get her line free and she slipped and fell in the mud. She was so mad and raged that she broke her line and walked back up to the bridge, left her boots and walked home barefoot. The next day she was reading her paper and broke out laughing in tears. Everyone asked her why she was laughing so hard and she told them what had happened. She right away told the police what had happened to call off the serch for the suicide victim they thought had jumped off the bridge and left there muddy boots there. The police asked her if she wanted her boots back. She said I don't want the Damm boots!
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Martha Vandver
81 favorites
The location of this story is Vicksburg, Warren County,Mississippi, May 18-July 4th 1863.
My great-Grandfather William Lafayette Yates and his brother Thomas Eli Yates served in the 40th Regiment-Company G,Mississippi Infantry of The Confederate Army.
My Great-Grandfather William F. Yates told my Grandfather Robert Darling Yates, stories about the perils of the Civil War.How they had to lay in the narrow trenches,pits and holes with not enough room to extend their arms.It would be very hot during the day and cold at night. being under constant fire and being necessarily on the alert. Fed on reduced rations of the poorest kind of food.My Great-Grandfather said at times they had to eat rats and horse meat to keep from starving to death.
On the 4th of July 1863,Lt. Gen.John C. Pemberton surrendered after prolonged siege operations.

In a offical report by Maj. Gen.John H. Forney he wrote,The siege of Vicksburg was a contest which tried more endurance and resolution of the men and their company and regimental commanders than the skill of their generals.
My men during their seige did their duty and their whole duty to the entire satisfaction of their general.
The patience with which my troops submitted to the privations and hardships to which they were subjected,and the unabated courage and cheefulness which they sustained throughout, are worthy of all praise,and merited a better fortune.

Mar 01, 2005 · Reply
Faith Tomlinson
4 favorites
Hi, i'm Cecil J. Yates's granddaughter Faith. Do any of you know him? He served in the military as a cook and a sniper. He married Inez Yates of Alabama they had four sons Robert Earl Yates, Rex Yates, Bobby Gene Yates, and Billy Jack Yates (my Father)and one daughter Sally Yates.
Oct 01, 2013 · Reply

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