Homer Sheeks, Kate (Stevens) & Family

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See also the picture of Malinda Payne Sheeks with her daughter-in-law and her son's children, on the front porch of an identical house. In the front, from left to right: Reath Sheeks, Homer Sheeks, and his wife, Kate (Stevens), with probably their first grandchild, Roy C. Sheeks, on her lap.
In the rear, left to right, Harry A. Sheeks, Arthur D. Sheeks and his wife, Tess (Walton).
All those here, except for Kate and Tess, are buried at the Sheeks Cemetery in Mitchell, Indiana. Kate is buried at the Mitchell City Cemetery. I wish to thank Donna Beacher ([contact link]) for this picture.
at Homer Sheeks's House or His Father's, Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana


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