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Hubert Charles "Uncle Hubert" CHRISTIAN was the uncle of my grandmother, a very dear and cherished memory of my childhood!! He taught me how to write down my genealogy as soon as I could write, and was a very interesting person with many colorful stories, including ones about when he was a school teacher at an Indian school in Oklahoma Ter., family children stolen by, and rescued from, Indians, becomming a Pinkerton Agent, knowing famous outlaw gangs, endless other exciting tales! Very shy when young, he freely shared his many talents - including music (taught me how to play guitar, Spanish style), writing songs, poems, genalogy books, and stories, oral storytelling - with lucky me and others. He and I often sat up all night, NO generation gap! My life has been RICHER for knowing him and sharing his rich heritage! Patsy Jo Reed Sircy
in USA


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