Hugh Sheeks and His Wife, Rosa Viviahn, of North Dakota

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Hugh was born 9 Oct 1850, the son of George Canote Sheeks and Artamoia or Artimecia Crawford,whereas Rosa was born in Switzerland.

They had eight children: Clara Eva who married Harry Gessells Hardenbrook; Gertie who married Robert Moreland Lunday; Mertie, her twin, who married 1) Fred James and 2)Jacob aka Jake DeYoung; George Crawford who married Elizabeth Cornish; Ruth who married Lloyd G. Hardie; Mabel Fern who married 1) William Makey and
2) Alvia Hugh Alexander MacDonald; Paul Preston who married Ruth Spitznas; and Mary Leola who married Waldo Augustus Shinn.

Son Paul Preston Sheeks wrote in a newsletter that his parents moved from a farm at Grand Rapids, ND to Wahpeton, ND and later to Mitchell, SD, so that their children could attend Methodist colleges in Wahpeton and Mitchell. Paul was the one who provided all their names. Hugh, the father, died 6 March 1934 in Boulder, CO. Rosa died 30 July 1938 in Los Angeles, CA.

I want to thank Mary Giera for sending me this picture, which she says was taken in 1933. Gwen ... wrote that "the photo was taken in Colorado, probably at the Epworth Methodist Church in Denver where Hugh and Rosa lived while being the church caretakers in excange for rent and utilities."

I also want to thank Gwen for filling in the full names of the children and their spouses as well as the dates and locations of the deaths of Hugh and Rosa.
at probably at the Epworth Methodist Church, Denver, Colorado USA


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