Is this really Robert Roy Rogness?

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This is my parents Wedding photo. The only picture I have of my Dad. And I just got it this year.

Mystery: My name is Mary Lee Rogness; I was born in Iowa City Iowa.
I am looking for information on my father who died when I was 2. His name is Robert Roy Rogness, may have been born 02/15/1927, died 11/22/1963. He married my Mother in 1957 in Iowa City Iowa.

I am getting conflicting information as to what his parents names are.
He would not talk about his side of the family to my mother. He would
get mad and change the subject, every time she brought it up. He would
only say he was born in Gold Stone Montana. I ordered a birth certificate from Montana, and there was not one on file. I also ordered
a birth certificate from Michigan and there was not one there either.
He applied for his Social Security Card in Rugby North Dakota on May 25,1954.

On his Social Security Card application it says:
He was born Big Rapids Michigan
Father: Robert John Rogness
Mother: Alice McKinzie
DOB 02/15/1927

On his and my Mothers marriage certificate it says:
He was born Gold Stone Montana
Father: Gulleck Sven Rogness
Mother: Rose Swenson
DOB 02/15/1927

My mother met my father in 1956 , got pregnant and married him in 1957.
they went to the First Church of the Nazrene in Iowa City Iowa.
They were married up until he died in 1963. He left my mother with 3 kids , 2,4, and 6 years old, and 8 months pregnant with a fourth.
My youngest brother was born 2 weeks after our dad died.

He is dead because he refused to go to the hospital. My mother called an
ambulance after he fell off the top of his Semi truck and was knocked out.

He also refused to buy any insurance of any kind.

We drew death benefits from that SS# , so I know it is the correct one.
We lived at 1205 S. Riverside Drive, Iowa City Iowa, up until he got to sick to work. Then we moved to 603 1st avenue, Iowa City iowa. He was
there 2 months then had to be put in a nursing home, until he died.

He died the same day as Kennedy was assassinated.

I have been told (by my uncle of course), that he bought and sold guns.

he also told me this story:

My Dad and my grandfather were in a bar. After my dad left , a guy came up to my grandfather and told him 'I knew Bob, when he lived in
California and had 4 kids.'

my uncle also used to ride with my dad in the moving van (Trans American Van Service), my dad was always looking for a place that had Western Union services. Also , when my
father was in the hospital with the brain tumor that killed him, some
lady called our house looking for him, several times.

I do not know any of his family. If he has brothers or sisters. Where he went to school.

Or who his parent are

My father used to write to the Government allot. My uncle was at our house one day when he got a reply from the White house. To a letter he
had written, saying 'So and So' was worse than Hoffa'
My uncle could not remember the So and so's name.

My dad also told my uncle that 'My parents were killed in a covered wagon accident in 1897'

I know nothing except that he was in or around Rugby ND in 1954.
There is a Rogness Farm in Wells county , near Rugby. They did not claim him either.

He showed up in Iowa City in 1957, drove a truck for a lumber company.

Married my mother. Then drove a truck for Trans American Van Service , but used the name "Hawkeye Transfer and Storage".


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