Isis (Sheeks) Carr, Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr, Judith Ann (Spencer) Sheeks, & Mary Elizabeth (Hixon) Carr

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Isis (Sheeks)Carr (1873-1949), wife of Louis Carr, is sitting in front of her mother, Judith (Spencer) Sheeks (26 Nov 1852-23 March 1935), wife of Isom Sheeks, Priscilla's brother.

Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr (5 June 1854-7 April 1950), wife of George W. Carr, is sitting in front of Mrs. Thomas Greer (Mary Elizabeth Hixon) Carr (b 1848), Isis's mother-in-law, and Priscilla's sister-in-law (because her husband and Thomas Greer Carr, were brothers, sons of Alen and Jane (Busick)Carr).
at Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana


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