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Jackie Hilton, age 2 or 3, born December 2, 1924 and died March 4, 1930 in Lenoir City, TN. He was born to Virgie Hill and Jack Hilton. Virgie was my great aunt. I am looking for any information on Jack Hilton as he was not present in this boys life, that's what I was told. Jackie was blind and died from complications of diabetes. Jack lived in the boardinghouse on Depot Street in Lenoir City, TN that was run by my great grandparents Ira Lee and Kate Hill. He may have worked at the car works in Lenoir City. The stories are that Jackie was a very bright little boy, very loved by his grandpa Ira. Ira died of a heart attack just 16 days after Jackie passed away.
in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee USA


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