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This photo waas made about six months before his death Sept. 09, 1893. James C. s/o Reuben Benningfield and wife Lydia Caulk. His b/p Robinson Creek, Green Co. Ky. His burial place family Cemetery ajoining family farm Location: Musson Creek, Marion Co. Ky. The yr.1843 he married: America A. Lake. Her parents: Abraham Lake and wife: Elanor Sullivan.They parented children: Lydia E., Abraham B., Reuben, John, Sammuel, Pleasant, (informant g/father) Ezekiel, Deborah R., Margaret A..
Note the above Reuben b/p Va. Lydia b/p Delaware. See [external link] Henry L. Benningfield
at New Market District, Marion, Kentucky USA


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