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Sheri Wharton Some of the names are wrong in this picture.
J.C.Turner and Nancy had 8 children. In the
picture "Willie" is William J., "Mattie" is
Martha Rose and there is not a George, this
boy is Leslie Elias Turner my grandfather.
Jan 13, 2005 · Reply
Debby Styles Hi....Thanks for pointing that out....I got the picture with the names already on it from a distant relative..I wondered where the George fit in..because I have a list of the 8 children and did not find a George..I knew the other names were nick-names...Do you know was the picture taken in TX?
I have a web page with some of this info If you want me to direct you there. I am missing some info on this family maybe we could compare notes and I could fill in some of the missing might have.
I am related from Nancy Smiths side..thanks debby
Jan 14, 2005 · Reply
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