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Updated Nov 27, 2022


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Erlene Best commented on Feb 11, 2011
Daughter of Thomas "Spike" & Edna Mae (Holoch) Turner.
She moved to Columbus in 1939 where she graduated from Kramer High School in 1942.
Betty married Warren Rood on October 12, 1944 in Seward, Nebraska. During the war years she worked for Montgomery Ward in Columbus and Ft. Worth, Texas.
She sold war bonds and attained the honorary rank of General, for her contribution to the war effort. She served for many years as a camp director and group leader for Brownie and Girl Scout groups. Betty was a volunteer for the Meals on Wheels and the United Way. She served for many years on the Election Board and several years as Co-Chairman of the City Democratic Party. She was a member of Beta Sigma Phi, a social sorority. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church, where she taught Sunday school and served as a District Program Resource Chairman. Betty also served as Dinner Chairman for her church circle for many years, which included the Continental Dinner.

Betty is survived by:
Husband - Warren Rood - Columbus, NE
Daughter - Mary (Robert) Schuchman - Warren, OH
Daughter - Barbara Pichler - Columbus, NE
Brother - Deryl (Jane) Turner - Lincoln, NE
Grandson - Ryan (Shawntell) Pichler - Omaha, NE
Granddaughter - Valarie (Jon) Bullis - Lincoln, NE
Granddaughter - Jamie (Michael) Bailey - Minneapolis, MN
Grandson - Jeffrey Schuchman - Girard, OH
5 - Great-Grandchildren
MacKenzie and Madison Bailey
Ellie and Reese Pichler
Nikita Schuchman

Betty was preceded in death by:
Parents: Thomas (Spike) and Edna Mae (Holoch) Turner
Sister: Gloria Joseph
Brother-in-law: Herbert Joseph
Kim Sutton commented on Aug 21, 2014
I am trying to locate Tyral Glenn Turner
Deborah Kendall commented on Mar 28, 2016
Are u releated to my grandfather fred turner trying go find some family history
Bl Larson commented on Mar 30, 2016
I don't know. I have not researched my Turner line much. My earliest Turner ancestor is John Turner, Sr, who was born a bout 1620 in England. I descend from one of his nine know children, Isaac (1654-1694), who married Rebecca Crafts, born 1668. I have
information on only four generations (including John Sr.) The last birth was about 1730 in

If you provide information on your earliest Turner ancestor I may be able to help extend your search.
Dianne Turner commented on Mar 30, 2016
Sorry Deborah. No Fred or Frederick Turner in my family tree. Good luck in your search
Dianne Turner
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