James J. Norris , Daughter Dorothy

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This photo was taken about 1916 and is my Great Grand Father James Joesph Norris born 1872 in Auburn NY Cayuga Co.and died in Schenectady Co. , Schenectady New York sitting with James is his Daughter Dorothy Norris born 1914 . Dorothy's first husban was Edward Willette who was born in 1911 and died in 1940 , her 2nd husban was Lester W. Jeffords born 1911 and died about 1970. James J.Norris was the child of James H. Norris and Sarah Taylor of Auburn NY . James H. Norris died in 6 June 1882 at the Erie County NY Penitenary serving a six month sentence.His wife Sarah Taylor died in Amsterdam NY abt. 1884
at Amsterdam, Montgomery, New York USA


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